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Mason Pine Pollen



For centuries, Pollen has been gathered from Mason Pines high in the mountains of China and used as an aphrodisiac, a longevity food and a tonic for overall health and well-being. Now, you can experience the benefits of this time-honored herbal remedy for yourself with this easy-to-use supplement.

Why we love it:

  • 100% pure Di Tao Pine Pollen with no additives or preservatives.
  • Derived from pine trees that grow wild in high-altitude regions of Yunnan Province, China, for sustainability and effectiveness.
  • Believed to promote a proper hormonal balance in women and men to support sexual well-being.
  • Used in Traditional Chinese medicine for detoxifying the body and enhancing whole-body function.
  • Thought to enhance athletic performance.
  • Simple to use dietary supplement.
  • Packaged in a blue glass bottle that is recyclable and reusable.


33 g/1.16 oz


Mix 1 gram in water, tea or a smoothie or simply take on its own once daily.


100% Pine Pollen. 

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