Natural Brand Spotlight: Earth Tu Face

If you’re asking yourself why nothing has worked for your skin, it’s time to try Earth Tu Face!

Earth Tu Face is inspired by plants and their striking ability to heal and bring balance. The plant world is inherently intelligent and complex, carrying nutrients and healing properties that have sustained life on earth for millions of years. In recent years, however, industrialization has threatened biodiversity, and pure plant ingredients have been cast aside for cheap synthetics, fragrances, and unnecessary chemicals. This has been going on for so long, some have started to believe that these additives and chemicals are actually more effective for skin than natural ingredients. Earth Tu Face is here to break this chain, offering clinical herbalist-formulated products that target a range of skin issues with pure food-grade organic ingredients and botanicals that moisturize and heal at a cellular level. 

While most skincare products on the market are packed with harsh soaps as well as water and alcohol that are drying to the skin, Earth Tu Face products are formulated to be as gentle as possible and are created with little to zero water so that the formulas are as concentrated and long-lasting as possible. Each product is made with pure plant oils that your skin recognizes, rather than chemically degraded versions that make skin react. They are so pure in fact, that they are safe to ingest, safe for pregnancy, and safe for children as well.  

 Meet the Founder: Founded by Sarah Buscho and MArina Storm in their California kitchen and herbal garden in 2010, they wanted to focus on creating a purely plant based 100% natural skincare line. A brief interview below:

- What was the inspiration behind starting the line.

Earth Tu Face was inspired by plants and their striking ability to heal and bring balance. The products were also inspired by nature. In nature nothing is wasted, instead everything feeds another living being and a beautiful tapestry is created. The line was started in a kitchen by an herbalist in 2009 in order to create unique blends that come straight from the earth and return to the earth creating beauty along the way. Functionally we created a line because there weren’t products that were alcohol, synthetic, paraben, and allergen free that actually worked to transform skin for the better. And we wanted said products to be in harmony with the earth. 

- Why do you think the brand is more unique than many others on the market today.

We blend products and select packaging to be good for the person using them and the planet at large. What we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies so we source healing botanicals that benefit multiple systems in our bodies (aromatherapy rocks!). We believe in the power of nature to provide the best materials for our skin. And we believe we can restore harmony to the earth through responsible sourcing. This means a lot of thought has gone into every aspect of the line from each ingredient to every package. It is intentional beauty.

- Where do you source ingredients and manufacture the products?

We grow some of our own flowers (roses, lavender and calendula) and build relationships with farmers and suppliers. We select ingredients that are strong plant populations ensuring we don’t work with endangered plants, and if we do we opt to use a plant that is at risk we only do so if we can source from co-ops restoring their numbers as is the case with the Australian Sandalwood we use. Half of our line is handmade by us in the San Francisco Bay Area and the other products are made in a mix and fill facility in California that is run on solar energy. We send ingredients and packaging to them. 

- How often do you release new products and are there any new products you are introducing soon?

We are about to introduces a phenomenal and transitional facial oil. Also, we regularly find ourselves collaborating with like-minded brands and creating new products with them. We just finished a belly oil with STORQ and last year helped create beauty teas with Olive & June. We are doing two more wonderful products with STORQ set to launch in a few months. 

We want to make products that we can feel good about making, and that you can feel good about using. You can learn more about three of our favorite and best-selling products below!

Jasmine Lotion

The lotion is brimming with a seductive scent of Jasmine with other ingredients such as Olive oil and Vitamin E that deeply nourish and hydrate from head to toe. The carefully chosen herbal ingredients supply your skin with essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids and leave it feeling softer and smoother. The lotion soothes inflammation with Aloe Vera and promotes cellular rejuvenation with pure Australian Sandalwood. Apply one or two pumps of the luscious lotion into your hands and then massage well into your facial or body skin.

Salt Scrub

This body scrub that we hand-make in our apothecary each week has risen to popularity because it is a one-two punch of exfoliation and hydration. Dead skin cells are brushed away with detoxifying sea salt sourced from the Dead Sea, simultaneously stimulating circulation of the lymphatic system to encourage drainage, a key element in combatting cellulite. A blend of basil, bergamot, and hints of citrus essential oils are left when the scrub is washed away to hydrate the skin and invigorate the body with uplifting natural scent. Massage a handful of Salt Scrub into skin. Rinse, and skip the moisturizer. A generous scoop can also be added into bathing water for a detoxifying, herbal soak.

Palmarosa + Aloe Face Wash

When we wash our faces with harsh soaps, we disrupt the delicate layer of natural oil our skin produces to keep bacteria and irritants at bay. When skin is “stripped” of this natural layer, our skin becomes red, irritated, and hurries to create more oil to compensate for the layer that was lost. With this in mind, we created our Face Wash to be the purest form of gentle soap made with organic, food-grade oils. Pure organic plant oils like olive and coconut are saponified to create a sudsy, cleansing wash. The healing petals of Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang regulate both oily and dry skin types leaving the delicate scent of fresh flowers. Aloe replenishes and hydrates the face without drying. Massage into skin, avoiding eye area. Expect slight natural foam and a burst of botanicals on your skin. Rinse, and follow with the Face Balm or Skin Serum.