We hold ourselves to some uncompromising and high standards not just in regards to sourcing products from every corner of the globe, but also in how we interact with the world and its people. We believe in not wasting what we take from the earth and the environment, and leaving it better than we found it. We believe in tolerance, respect and kindness towards all. We believe that beauty is more than skin deep - its a beautiful heart, kind soul, a healthy body and a thriving brain.

And it doesn't end there - we uphold the same values when it comes to the brands and products we carry:

Uncompromising Standards:
If a product is unsafe (whether proven, potentially or even anecdotally), we will not carry it. If a product is safe and natural but doesn’t perform beautifully nor effectively, we will not carry it. If a product doesn’t feel luxurious as you use it or the packaging falls apart easily, we will not carry it. Our criteria are rigorous because you deserve the best.

Total Transparency:
Whether it’s the sourcing of the ingredients or why we chose a particular brand, we will be truthful and open with you—even if it means admitting to a mistake (before fixing it, of course).

Growth and Discovery:
We are always learning, expanding the truth and cultivating knowledge. We will not stop actively searching for the most excellent brands in the world.

We embolden one another to make smart and conscious decisions through positivity and openness.

We are conscious of how we treat ourselves, everyone around us, the environment and, of course, our delicate skin barrier ;-)