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Dr. Alkaitis Organic Universal Mask - Art of Pure

Dr. Alkaitis

Organic Universal Mask



The luxurious natural and organic detoxing mask purifies, restores balance and calms inflammation in even the most sensitive skins. An impressive compilation of raw anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating herbs, high nutrient seaweeds, potent grasses and raw whole plant extracts nourishes the skin back to a healthy glowing state.

Why we love it:

  • Suitable for all, even most sensitive skin types
  • Deeply nourishes while cleansing, protecting and softening.
  • Repairs and rejuvenates skin with the Dr. Alkaitis' Signature Grass Juice Complex, Sea Vegetable Complex, Vegetable Protein Blend and Seed Complex.
  • 100% bioactive, all-natural formula made only from raw ingredients for maximum effectiveness.

25 g/0.88 oz



Mix one full teaspoon of powdered mask with approximately one teaspoon of water in a small bowl and mix into thin paste. Masks can be combined with raw honey and goat milk yogurt for the most luxurious treatment. Apply evenly with fingertips to face, neck and decolletage and keep mask moist by spritzing with water. After 10-20 minutes, gently use a soft damp cloth or hands to rinse face with lukewarm water. Do not use mixture more than once. Use Weekly.


Organic Grass Juice Complex(Khorasan Grass Juice*, Alfalfa Juice*, Oat Grass Juice*, Wheat Grass Juice*, Oat Buds*), Sea Vegetable Complex(Chlorella°, Dulse°, Spirulina°, Sea Palm°, Sea Willow°), Vegetable Complex(Carrots*, Cabbage*, Kale*, Broccoli*, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts*, Cucumber, Ginger*, Sweet Potato*, Onions, Cauliflower*, Beets*, Tomatoes*, Parsley*), Organic Seed Complex(Pumpkin Seed*, Sesame Seed*, Amaranth Seed*, Flax Seed*, Soy*, Rye*, Buckwheat*, Millet*, Barley*, Rice*, Sunflower Seed*), Hydrolyzed Pea Protein*

*certified organically grown °ethically wildcrafted

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